Новый Иерусалим - That Love

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Описание: Группа Новый Иерусалим Новый Иерусалим - That Love. Don't call, look back, loved, are we with you? I understood that only God gives people love. Well tell me I'm crazy, try to understand me. Only now that I began to live and started dreaming. Don't blame me, because I'm not such as he was, because God himself is in me. All, what you want is a game between me and you. CHORUS: I want to love, you must understand. I know, love is not a game. I know, love is never wrong. I know, love is not the second. I know, love can be only the first. It was all, but from the void pain is always inside. Don't want to suffer you, wipe your tears. I pray that someday you'll be able to understand me. I believe, anyway Jesus will find you too.
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